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The are intended to increase the availability of water, develop agriculture, energy production, regulate the flow of rivers or protect against flooding, design and monitoring of dams require rigor ans expertise associated with innovative technologies…


Civil engineering structures, navigation works, sea and river developments, dikes and embankments, underground constructions, metallic constructions - we design, build and assess a large number of often complex infrastructures.

Water and environment

The cycle of water, in its qualitative and quantitative components, constitutes the core of ISL’s activities. We have a team of experienced specialists, who master subjects related to diagnostics and resource management.

ISL’s experience in these fields results in our capacity to intervene in expertise and evaluation files.


Energy challenges require a global view of the production and distribtution systems to optimise their use and production. ISL Engineering is involved in the construction of units world-wide in the fields of hydroelectricity, wind power, solar, thermal and marine energies.

Scientific computing

The use of digital modelling is becoming more and more common and enables us to understand the behaviour or refine the dimensioning of complex structures. For the implementation of our projects, our engineers develop non-linear mechanical, geomechancial, structural dynamics and thermal structure models.


Leading actor in our markets, we offer our customers all or part of engineering of basic and detailed in the fields of dams, infrastructure and water projects, energy, water and the environment. It is the interaction of expertise that comes our technical excellence for the success of your projects ...


Arnaud Chapuis, 25, project manager, who joined ISL Lyon in 2009

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Polder2C’s Living Lab Hedwige-Prosperpolder

Practice of resiliency against flood risk into the Hedwige-PropserPolder living lab wit

ISL participates to ASIA 2018

For this international event, ISL ingénierie has chosen to join forces with LJ Hydro Co