Our Values

The ISL Engineering difference: ISL Engineering sets itself apart above all by its independence and promotion of excellence. Neither our company’s growth nor our shareholders’ financial context has altered this philosophy.


The Culture of Independence: In order to freely direct our strategy and share our passion for complex and highly technical projects. From our perspective, independence is fundamental to the engineering profession.

The Culture of Excellence and Innovation: Throughout the company’s activities, this is an essential step in the completion of the most ambitious projects, relying on the talents and skills of each employee in order to achieve the excellence that we strive for.

The Culture of Complementarities: In all our activities and professions, by pooling resources for the common objective of taking the entire project into account. Concretely, this means regular interaction between our experts, the dynamism of dedicated teams and sharing knowledge and best practices.

With strong, continued growth, ISL Engineering is resolutely dedicated to playing an active role in the major projects of the future. We distinguish ourselves in a rapidly changing environment by remaining loyal to our philosophy and respecting our principles. Our clients, partners and employees join us and stay with us because of these values.