The Kissir Dam


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The Kissir Dam

Implementation study and monitoring of the construction of the new Kissir Dam, a construction financed under the economic support and recovery programme (PSRE).

Projet : 

The Kissir Dam, located in the wadi of the same name, is 14 kilometres west of Jijel, approximately 1 km from the mouth of the wadi in the sea. It can be easily accessed from the coast road.


The main characteristics of the project are as follows:

  • Reservoir volume:48Mm3 under the normal reservoir
  • Useful volume : 40 Mm3
  • Type of dam:  An earthfill dam with a central core and sediment refills
  • Normal water storage level: 44.50 NGA
  • Highest water levels: 47.90 NGA
  • Spillway: A 50m long spillway
  • 15m wide gate
  • Heat dissipation par cuiller
  • Alluvial fill seal: 40m deep wall
  • Additional hydraulic constructions: Water intakes on three levels
  • Gallery bottom outlets
  • Cost of works: 35 million euros


The works were carried out from 2007 to 2010. The reservoir has been operating to full capacity since 2010.

Mission : 

ISL was enthrusted with the following services by The National Agency for Dams and Tranfers :

  • Project review
  • Execution studies
  • On-site monitoring of the works by a team of four resident engineers
  • Monitoring from head-quarters by regular visits from the projet manager

The review of the project led to susbstantial changes in the project, due to an apparent underestimation of flooding and to escape to an unstable zone on the left bank.

Le projet
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Agence Nationale des Barrages et Transferts
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