The La Bassée Development

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The La Bassée Development

The Great Lakes of the Seine assigned ISL with conducting a prespective study on the energy neutrality of the La Bassée development project.

Projet : 

Located upstream of the confluence of the Seine and Yonne, the La Bassée project is part of the measure of protecting Paris from floods from the Seine and its tributaries. The La Bassée project aims to develop a system of 2300 hectares of diked traps which will store some of the volume of the Seine flood peaks (approximately 50 million m3).The pumping necessary for this temporary storage will result in significant energy consumption. Beyond the main objective of flood protection, the design of the project is part of a more global strategy to respond to various environmental concerns. The subject of energy was factored in from the start, from preliminary thinking (opportunity and feasibility phases), through the notion of “energy neutrality”. The addition of an energy dimension to the project is completely pertinent, in response to the demands in place since 2009, following the the Grenelle laws in terms of energy and climatic issues. The “energy neutrality” aspect of the preliminary studies naturally facilitiates dialogue during the consultation phases.

“Energy neutrality” can be defined as a combinasion of all actions implemented to reduce the impact of the project’s energy consumption. Three types of actions have therefore been defined to reach energy neutrality:

  • Optimisation of consumption of which the objective is to reduce the overall amount of  energies consumed by the project
  • Optimisation actions (savings and efficiency)
  • The consumption balance and compensation obtained by an arithmetic decrease of the consumed amounts thanks to the production of energies on-site
Mission : 

The assignment entrusted to ISL by the Seine Large Lakes consisted of:

  • A benchmarking study aimed at analysing comparative measures to capitalise on the experience of other contractors faced with similar problems
  • An estimation of the energy spend of the La Bassée project in its different phases, without thinking of aiming to reduce or compensate for this spend
  • A formulation phase of recommendations to reduce, balance and compensate the energy spend of the project


The analysis of balancing and compensation solutions reviewed the following solutions:

  • Stored water turbining during their release
  • Installation of solar panels on the dike ridges
  • Production of biomass energy in the racks
  • Load shedding
Le projet
Pays/région : 
Grands Lacs de Seine
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