The Ouljet Essoltane hydroelectrical development


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The Ouljet Essoltane hydroelectrical development

The additional intention to add hydroelectric production to future construction.


Projet : 

The Ouljet Essoltane dam is under construction on the Beth wadi in Morocco, upstream of the El Kansera dam, to the south-east of Khémisset.  It aims to regulate the volumes allocated to irrigation, satisfy drinking and industrial water requirements and improve flood control.

The hydroelectric plant is intended to be installed a few hundred metres downstream from the dam for the high turbine of flows which are available after water withdrawal.

The Ouljet Essoltane development is comprised of the following principal structures:

  • A water intake installed in the dam
  • A 620m long penstock (mainly external)
  • A shaft plant with a 19 MW group which can turbine a flow of 25 m3/s under a 85m drop height
  • A 60 kV electricity station
  • Access roads to the structures
  • The development is expected to develop 34 GWh annually
Mission : 
  • Feasibility study: regularisation study, a capacity study, an economic assessment
  • The project outline for the development: civil engineering, hydromechanical and electromechanical equipment
Le projet
Pays/région : 
Office National de l’Electricité et de l'Eau potable
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