Our projects

The Taht Dam

This is a new dam on the Taht wadi, in the province of Relizane, upstream from the SMBA (Sidi M’hamed Ben Aouda) dam. The selected project is an arch dam, 44 metres high on its foundations. The capacity of the reservoir is 7 million m3. The peak flow of the project is 1600m3/s.

The Cammazes Dam

This is an arch dam, 70m high, built at the end of the 1950s. A detailed diagnosis of the abutment led to envisaging strengthening works, by increasing its weight.

ISL Ingénierie dams
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Whether destined to increase the availability of water, develop agriculture, produce energy, regulate the flow of rivers or protect them from floods, the design and monitoring of dams require rigor and the know-how associated with innovative technologies.

An essential activity for the company since its creation, today, dams and large-scale hydraulic constructions account for most of our activity.


ISL provides services for new dams or existing constructions, security of which must be assured:

  • Preliminary and feasibility studies
  • Security assessment and diagnostics
  • Risk analysis, especially earthquake or hydraulic risk
  • Project studies and the preparation of tenders
  • Works supervision and management
  • Execution studies
  • Periodic examination and monitoring of the constructions
  • Preparation of regulatory files (Technical Committee for Dams, water law, emergency response plan)
  • Studies of the impact on the environment


ISL Engineering, a leading player in the area of dams and hydraulic constructions is strongly involved in the activities of the CFBR (French Committee on Dams and Reservoirs), whose Vice-President, Michel Lino, is a co-founder of ISL. Several ISL engineers also collaborate with the International Commission on Large Dams.


In situ heating test in Callovo-Oxfordian claystone : Measurement and interpretation

ISL Ingénierie était présent au 5e colloque international sur les propriétés des argiles pour la gestion des déchets radioactifs, organisé par l'ANDRA, du 22 au 25 Octobre 2012, au palais des congrès de Montpellier.

Floods, spillways and the probability of dam failure

Limitations in the normal criteria for dimensioning dams with respect to floods