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Centres for energy transfer by pumping

Pre-feasibility studies for centres for energy transfer by pumping (STEP) in Smir and Abdelmoumen

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Energy is one of our vital needs without which economical, social, cultural and sanitary development is not possible. Energy sources used to satisfy energy needs- the energetic mix- will undergo a significant evolution in the coming years. The proportion of traditional energies will decrease to the benefit of new energy resources.
Traditionally orientated towards hydroelectricity, but aware of the challenges that this sector represents, ISL Engineering is committed to the development of other methods of energy production: thermal, wind power, solar, biomass and the company particpates in research and development projects in sectors for the future such as marine energies.

The storage of electrical energies seems essential in the energy landscape with the introduction of intermittent energies ( wind power, solar) on the newtworks. ISL Engineering has studied several projects for centres for energy transfer by pumping (STEP), the only mature technology for massive electricity storage.
Production, storage, transmission, distribution:  ISL Engineering also proposes its expertise in the fields of climate change and accompanies local authorities in the development and implementation of their local energy climate plan (PCET).


PEACH software

PEACH is a preliminary analysis tool for hydroelectric development. It covers the different aspects of the project (analysis of the potential, dimensioning of the constructions, economic analysis).