Today, hydroelectricity represents 16% of the world’s electricity production and 80% of energy produced from renewable energy resources. The remaining potential which could be exploited in realistic technical, economic and environmental conditions, is estimated at twice the existing level.

With over twenty years’ experience in the fields of the development and design of all sizes of hydroelectricity projects, our experts provide a complete range of services in scheduling, feasibility studies, design and project management as well as operation and maintenance services to key players in the hydroelectricity sector.

Our engineers intervene on all hydraulic development works:

  • Dams
  • Fish passages
  • Plants
  • Galleries
  •  Penstocks,canals
  • Control centres
  • Transformer stations
  • Lines

The operation of hydraulic energy is governed by numerous rules which ensure respect for environmental issues and in particular, for the protection of the aquatic environment.

Our specialists in hydrodynamics, free surface hydraulics, hydrology, on-load hydraulics, environmental impacts and programming bring multidisciplinary skills - a major factor for the success of the projects.


The new High Grand Falls Dam which is approximately 115m high, creating a reservoir of 5.5 billion m3, has multiple objectives: advanced hydroelectricity, maintaining low-water levels, supporting recession agriculture, irrigation and flood protection.


Pre-feasibility studies for centres for energy transfer by pumping (STEP) in Smir and Abdelmoumen


An assessment of risks associated with the accidental spillage of hydrocarbons into the Lom Pangar dam reservoir in Cameroon.


Fulfill the requirements of the natural environment and its uses


ISL is participating in the implementation of the fifth tranche of the global rural electrification programme (PERG 5).


The additional intention to add hydroelectric production to future construction.