Our projects

Sea defense – Cotentin

Assessment and propositions for strenthening sea defense structures in the Cotentin and Bessin Natural Park territory.

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ISL Engineering’s recognized experience and know-how in the area of dams has led us naturally to transfer these competencies to other complex civil engineering constructions. ISL Engineering’s recognized technical and scientific capabilities use the latest computer technology for calculation and project management, specifically developed for our studies. Our engineers and technicians design and define complex civil engineering constructions on a daily basis:

  • Navigation: Locks, canals, river dams, movable bridges
  • Waterway and maritime: Dikes, jetties, ports
  • Underground works: Tunnels, caves, storage constructions
  • Foundations: Civil engineering construction foundations, rotating machines, avalanche prevention structures
  • Industrial structures: Civil engineering for thermal power stations, hydro-electricity plants, wastewater treatment plants
  • Nuclear installations and constructions