Scientific Calculation

Our projects

Flood Forecasting Service (SPC)

Formulae for rainfall run-off to help with flood warnings.

Storage facitility constructions in the Aube department

Project and execution studies of the constructions of Phase 8 of the CSFMA.

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The use of digital modelling is becoming more and more common and enables us to understand the behaviour or refine the dimensioning of complex structures. For the implementation of our projects, our engineers develop non-linear mechanical, geomechancial, structural dynamics and thermal structure models.
ISL uses Ansys software with finite element code in the following areas:

  • Non-linear mechanical structures: Dimensioning of civil-engineering structures in concrete, reinforced concrete and steel
  • Geomechanical modelling: Tunnels, LNG storage structures, embankment dams, underground structures
  • For seismic calculations: Dimensioning and verification of structures to stand up to earthquakes ( dams and related structures): Spectral method calculations (GC structures) or transition calculations (non-linear or linear equivalent)
  • Structural dynamics: Earthquake, vibration, crash
  • Thermal studies: Deep storage of radioactive waste, evolution of the temperature in concrete (exothermicity and the analysis of behaviour under variations in outside temperature)

ISL does not only take a digital approach to this activity. Infact, ISL is committed to developing all the necessary complimentary skills to be able to finalise a complete study:

  • Excellent knowledge of theoretical aspects which are indispensable to be able to understand, verify and justify any digital calulation
  • Excellent knowledge of the algorithms and calculation codes used
  • Excellent knowledge of the physical interpretation of the results, indispensable for checking and using the calculation results whilst at the same time critically examine the inherent uncertainties of digital simulation


In situ heating test in Callovo-Oxfordian claystone : Measurement and interpretation

ISL Ingénierie était présent au 5e colloque international sur les propriétés des argiles pour la gestion des déchets radioactifs, organisé par l'ANDRA, du 22 au 25 Octobre 2012, au palais des congrès de Montpellier.