Why should you join us?


According to us, a company’s success depends above all on its human capital. To ensure the successful integration of new team members, we pay particular attention to recruiting people who share ISL’s values: independence, technical excellence and team work.


ISL seeks to put in place the best conditions for creating employee loyalty: a variety of projects, career evolution, training, excellent working environment and conditions. Each employee can be asked to become a company shareholder, a sign of strong commitment and trust for the company. A long-lasting, stable shareholder base is a key factor for the company’s long-term strategy.

In order for team members to develop their individual skills, ISL accords considerable importance to training and participation at technical symposia (The Hydrotechnical Company in France, the French Commission on Dams and Reservoirs) is encouraged.

The transfer of knowledge from experienced to younger employees is valued at internal training courses, knowledge-sharing events and by supervising business every day.