Our business

The quality and success of any project are above all the result of collaboration between a project leader wishing to respond to a need and the know-how which can respond to technical, financial, regulatory and environmental constraints and requirements. Our added-value comes from this know-how.

ISL Engineering mobilizes its teams during all phases of a project or construction’s lifecycle:


Identification Phase: By providing its clients with all of the elements necessary to make a decision to act: definition of the project’s performance characteristics, return on investment, cost/benefit analysis, and criteria for success.


Launch Phase: By carrying-out feasibility and project definition studies to respond to our clients’ technical, financial and regulatory requirements.


Execution phase: By putting in place dedicated teams, who have been working together since the design phase and bringing together all the necessary competences to control the site and the adjustments required during the works phase.


Operational phase: By responding to a specific need for advice or expertise which may be technical (for future studies and works, investigations, data analysis, advice during the works phase, emergency works), administrative (prepare consultations, assistance with the preparation of procedures, contracts and litigations) or financial (financial models, simulation of operational management).


End of life phase: By bringing the project a real sense of sustainable development, which goes above and beyond technical and economical issues.